profilesellfyWelcome to artizium!

My name is Michelle Martinez and I became interested in art at an early age on my home island of Barbados.

Now living in Ontario, Canada, my art embraces the beauty of my adopted home while honouring my Caribbean roots. My semi-realistic, impressionist watercolour florals and landscapes invite viewers to reflect on the natural beauty that is often hidden in plain sight.

I also produce intricate, abstract pen and ink drawings, some of which are featured in her new adult colouring book “Zoodles to Colour” available for purchase here. Also available in e-format here.

Whether it is decorative art for that blank wall in your home or a drawing of a beloved pet, I enjoy working with clients to create commissioned art.   If you think a photo can capture a memory, just imagine what a painting or drawing could do!

I hope to inspire you to embrace your own creative side and experiment with me.

Like me, this site is a work in progress, so check back often to see what’s new. Don’t forget to subscribe!